African Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlids

Explore our collection of stunning Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid, Dragon Blood OB Cichlid, and Blue Dragon Blood Cichlid at Cichlid Shire! Each fish is carefully bred and raised to showcase its vibrant colors and unique personality in your aquarium.

African Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlids

African Dragon Blood Cichlids are a stunning collection of fish that have become increasingly popular among aquarium enthusiasts. These cichlids are known for their striking red coloration, which is why they are referred to as "Dragon Blood".

There are several species of African Dragon Blood Cichlids, including the Dragon Blood Peacock, Dragon Blood OB, and Blue Dragon Blood Cichlid. Each of these species has its own unique characteristics and qualities that make them stand out in a crowd.

The Dragon Blood Peacock is perhaps the most well-known species of African Dragon Blood Cichlids. These fish have a vibrant red color that is offset by black markings on their fins and tail. They also have a distinctive hump on their forehead, which is a characteristic of the peacock cichlid family. Dragon Blood Peacocks are relatively peaceful fish and can be kept with other cichlid species that are of a similar size and temperament.

The Dragon Blood OB is another species of African Dragon Blood Cichlid that is known for its bright red coloration. However, unlike the Dragon Blood Peacock, the OB has a white or yellowish band that runs along its dorsal fin. This band gives the fish a unique appearance that sets it apart from other cichlid species. OBs are generally more aggressive than other African cichlids and may not be suitable for community tanks.

Finally, the Blue Dragon Blood Cichlid is a unique variation of the Dragon Blood Peacock. As its name suggests, this fish has a blue tint to its red coloration, which gives it a distinctive appearance. Blue Dragon Bloods are relatively new to the aquarium trade, but they have already gained a following among cichlid enthusiasts.

All African Dragon Blood Cichlids have similar requirements when it comes to tank setup and care. They require a spacious tank with plenty of hiding spots and decor to mimic their natural habitat. They prefer a pH between 7.8 and 8.5, and water temperatures between 75°F and 82°F. These fish are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods, including pellets, flakes, and frozen or live foods.

African Dragon Blood Cichlids are a beautiful and captivating collection of fish that are sure to add color and interest to any aquarium. Their unique red coloration and distinctive markings make them stand out among other cichlid species. With proper care and attention, these fish can thrive in a home aquarium and bring joy to their owners for years to come.