African Cichlid Tanks

African cichlids are a favored option among aquarium enthusiasts due to their vivid pigmentation and dynamic behavior. Ensuring an optimum tank size and habitat is essential for promoting the physical and emotional well-being of these fish.


Cichlid Tank Sizes

Tank Size Cost Range Minimum Recommended Size
10 gallons $20-$50 Fry (Not recommended)
20 gallons $50-$100 Fry (Not recommended)
30 gallons $100-$200 For smaller species only
40 gallons $150-$300 Small group
55 gallons $200-$400 Small to medium group
75 gallons $300-$600 Medium to large group
90 gallons $400-$800 Larger group or species
125 gallons $600-$1000 Large group or species
150 gallons $800-$1500 Very large group or species
200 gallons $1500-$3000 Very large group or species


These cichlid tank recommendations are general guidelines and the specific needs of your African cichlid fish may vary based on their individual requirements and personalities.

It's important to provide appropriate filtration, maintain water quality, and offer plenty of hiding places and swimming space for your African cichlids to thrive.